Disease & Pest Treatment

Disease Treatment

Trees are susceptible to a variety of diseases and disorders. The presence of cankers, fungal fruiting bodies (e.g. ganoderma, phytophthora, armillaria, etc.), decay colonization, bacterial slime flux, nutrient deficiencies, and excessive landscape herbicides are just a few examples of tree damaging conditions. Our Certified Arborist regularly attends seminars presented by university level research scientists to ensure that he is up to date on the latest diseases, disorders and their treatment options. Turn to Gulf Coast Tree Care for the expertise to diagnose and treat your diseased tree.

Pest Treatment

Most of the insects that inhabit our trees create no problems to them. However, an infestation of wood boring “bark beetles” is no joke: these colonies cause significant damage to critical tissue zones within the tree and complete mortality can occur within just a few months. We treat an affected tree by killing the beetles with targeted pesticides injected directly into the buttress roots. Let the specialists at Gulf Coast Tree Care help keep your trees clear of bark beetles. The best defense is to maintain a healthy, properly pruned tree together with a periodic inspection by our Certified Arborist!

Steven Kale