Tree Care Professionals vs. "Tree Guys"

Too many of our valuable trees are permanently disfigured and irreparably damaged through unnecessary over-pruning and improper pruning practices. Mature trees rarely require major surgery or large pruning doses, so why is this happening?

Sadly, the answer is that many of the “tree trimmers” in our area have little idea what they’re doing. Fear tactics are often employed to sell the idea that the safety of your home is directly proportionate to the removal of large branches and leaf area. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As well, many healthy trees are unnecessarily removed by the unscrupulous tree trimmer without any valid data.

  • Who can you trust to protect your investment with science-based facts about the care of trees?
  • How can you avoid wasting time trying to make sense of conflicting recommendations?
  • How can you evaluate the huge pricing ranges for the same amount of work?
  • In short, how do you avoid the disastrous pitfalls of fly-by-night tree service companies interested only in making a profit?

Certified Arborist vs. Tree Guy

Certified Arborist Tree Guy
Chose a career Has a job
3 year minimum work experience in the field Training unknown
Passed comprehensive exam in arboriculture No
Understands tree anatomy and processes Doubtful
Understands soil and water management Doubtful
Understands nutrient requirements Doubtful
Understands proper tree cultural practices Doubtful
Practices ANSI 300 pruning techniques Doubtful
Adheres to ANSI Z.133 and OSHA safety standards Doubtful
Able to diagnose and treat insect infestations Doubtful
Able to diagnose and treat diseases Doubtful
Able to assess tree risk Doubtful
Trained in advanced rigging techniques Doubtful

Steven Kale